What you need to know about Tramadol prescription?

From August 18, 2014, this drug was classified as a schedule IV controlled substance. Not only for this medication, but for all other drugs that contain Tramadol ingredient would you require a prescription? This is to prevent the patients from abuse and addiction towards the medication. You need to have a prescription to buy drugs from both offline as well as online mail-order pharmacies in the US.

Restrictions for getting Tramadol with the prescription

There are certain restrictions to buying the pain relief pill with a prescription. The medical prescription is valid only for a period of 6 months. You can refill Tramadol(Ultram) pills only 5 times in this period. If in case, you want to buy more pills then you have to again get a prescription for this medication. Only oral prescriptions are allowed for this drug.

Can you refill Tramadol pill online?

Yes, you can refill Tramadol prescribed online with an online prescription. The rules to refill are little similar to the traditional brick and mortar stores as well as online pharmacies. You can refill the medicines 5 times for a single prescription and could continue your therapy. Since the record of your online script for this medication would already be there, it is not necessary to produce it every time before buying the drug online. The process of refilling would be very easy similar to your first experience.

What should you do the prescription for Tramadol expiries?

If the prescription for Ultram expires, you have to get a new online script for the medication before buying the medication again from a legitimate online pharmacy. Follow the same procedure as before. You might be given an online script. This fresh online prescription can be used for another 6 months. By getting a new online prescription you will get the medicines for the upcoming months either bulk drugs or less amount of medications.

Tramadol without a prescription

Tramadol without a prescription is not possible. To get a prescription for cheap or free, you can choose an online pharmacy. How can I get a prescription for this drug online? You have to opt for an online doctor. An online healthcare professional would inspect your medical condition and analyze whether Ultram is required for you to treat the pain. To make it easier, an online script for this drug would be provided to you only if your condition requires it.

What all you need to check before buying Ultram without a prescription?

A few things you need to keep in mind before buying Tramadol online without prescription. The first and the foremost thing is you need to choose a pharmacy which is a legitimate one, that is approved by the government of Food and Drug Administration(FDA). Because there are many fraudulent online pharmacies which cheats the customer. Before placing the order check with the drugs and its dosage because Ultram is a habit-forming drug which causes severe side effects when misused. Once you got your medication, check it, whether you got the right medicine.